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Are tax crimes going unnoticed by the IRS?

According to their 2016 Annual Report, the Internal Revenue Service is conducting fewer criminal investigations, citing a lack of resources necessary to pursue suspected illegal activity. From 2013 through 2016, criminal investigations by the IRS CI dropped 36 percent. Concurrently, the number of IRS Special Agents shrunk by 13 percent.

Of all the categories, money-laundering stands atop the list as the most investigated criminal allegation at 1,210. Other prominent tax-related crimes include:

What is causing the growth in cybercrimes?

The WannaCry cyber attack that infected more than 300,000 computers caused worldwide disruptions in hospitals, banks and schools. The mass ransomware hacking also put a bright spotlight on the growing problem of cybercrimes. In the first quarter of 2017 alone, attacks similar to WannaCry increased by 250 percent.

People commit crimes for a variety of reasons. Some do it in the heat of passion while others are merely defending themselves or others. Cybercriminals also have their own motivation for their illegal hacking activities. Most do it for money. Others do it for sheer pride, satisfied with a non-monetary “gotcha” moment.

The consequences of taking time off to protest

On February 16, thousands of people throughout the country took part in the “Day Without Immigrants” protests. Participants stayed home from work, skipped school, and closed their businesses to show their significant value in the community.

While some protesters had support from their employers, others were not so fortunate.

An interesting twist in crimnal activity involving license plates

The common stereotype of a prisoner’s day-to-day life involved the creation of license plates. Over time, the unique vocation became more rare as costs rose and manufacturing technology advanced beyond the physical pressing.

A few states continue the practice with the Michigan License Plate Factory producing 8,000 per day and New Jersey inmates manufacturing one million per year. However, most no longer require the incarcerated to press plates.

Parental alienation can bring out the worst in anyone

Frustration among divorcing parents over ongoing acts of parental alienation is all too common. Being denied time with children presents challenges that often reach the boiling point where parents at odds are not always at their best.

However, a judge losing her temper behind the bench is rare.

What you need to know about parental gatekeeping

Parental gatekeeping is a necessary strategy to protect children from parents suffering from alcohol or drug above or committing violent or neglectful acts. In those scenarios, the other parents have the right to restrict contact.

Another more sinister definition of parental gatekeeping involves one parent with primary physical custody and the other enjoying a visitation schedule. One disagreement arises, which is normal in any post-divorce relationship. However, the custodial parent reacts by forbidding scheduled visitation or requests a new parenting plan to provide them with more time.

Parental alienation through badmouthing

In their post-divorce lives, mothers and fathers may not be at their best. The simplest of misunderstandings can become blown out of proportion. However, many ex-spouses outright sabotage the relationship the other enjoys with the children.

In their book, "Working With Alienated Children and Families," Amy JL Baker & S Richard Sauber detailed specific parental alienation strategies. One of the more common, yet sinister of those strategies is badmouthing.

An Interview with Justice Stephen Breyer

As the Editor-in-Chief of Litigation, the journal published by the American Bar Association's Section of Litigation, I had the honor and privilege of meeting and interviewing Justice Stephen G. Breyer. We discussed his book, The Court and the World. In his book and in his interview, Justice Breyer drove home a salient point: Judicial isolationism in an interconnected world is not the way forward. America's highest court cannot stand aloof and isolated from the legal universe beyond its country's shores.

What are the early signs of parental alienation?

Children of divorce are innocent bystanders and casualties of divorce. They are innocent bystanders, as one household becomes two. They face uncertainty, if not fear of the future. Their best interests should come first.

Acts of parental alienation present a direct threat to their emotional and psychological well-being. Far too many waste little time in manipulating children to take "their side." They force children to choose one parent. They foster unease or negative feelings towards another parent. These sinister and damaging signs must be identified and stopped.

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