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Ann Arbor White Collar Crime Lawyer

Defending White Collar Crime Charges

Lorandos Joshi offers a complete range of white collar criminal defense services for companies and individuals. The firm defends clients accused of crimes such as securities fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, antitrust violations and other white collar crime allegations.

In addition, the firm's attorneys advise organizations on all types of issues such as:

  • Avoiding exposure to criminal sanctions
  • Conducting internal audits and investigations
  • Designing and implementing compliance programs

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Seeking A Positive Result

A positive result for a client who is the subject of a criminal investigation is to avoid being charged at all, and the firm aggressively seeks this result whenever possible. If a case does go to trial, the firm's attorneys have the dedication, resources, skill and experience to provide a strong defense.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Lorandos Joshi also handles the parallel civil and administrative litigation that accompanies criminal investigations. Such litigation may include qui tam and whistleblower cases, SEC investigations, theft of trade secret cases and civil securities fraud litigation.

The firm's lawyers take care to manage the conduct of both the criminal and civil sides of these cases in such a way as to avoid exposing you or your company to greater legal risks.

Proactive Measures to Prevent Problems

The firm's practice regularly includes working proactively with clients to help avoid conduct that might prompt an investigation. The firm can evaluate the situation, identify potential problem areas and explain the measures your company can take to prevent white collar crime allegations.

Lorandos Joshi can also conduct prompt and thorough internal investigations for corporations whose employees may have engaged in questionable or illegal conduct such as bribery, sexual harassment, or violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Act Quickly - Your Future May Depend on What You Do Next

If you or your company is under investigation or if you suspect wrongdoing inside your company, you should act quickly. If required, we will work with your current attorney as well to help develop appropriate legal strategies.

Lorandos Joshi will respond immediately - to provide advice and representation you need to deal effectively with the situation.

More information about what to do in cases of white collar crime allegations can be found at the White Collar Criminal Defense FAQ page.

For a consultation with Lorandos Joshi, call 734-545-2919 or send the firm an e-mail.


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