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Internal Investigations

Internal Business Investigations Attorneys

In recent years internal investigations have shot up in numbers due to a rise in corporate wealth. The need for professional and discreet measures is enhanced by the fact that an investigation falling into the wrong hands, such as a plaintiff's lawyer, prosecutor or the Department of Justice, could lead to a lawsuit or even a criminal indictment. The misconduct of one employee or officer potentially means liability for the company as whole. As a corporation or company, you can protect your reputation by handling internal matters professionally by hiring legal counsel.

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At Lorandos Joshi, we provide exceptional and discreet internal investigations for corporations and businesses around the world. The firm's practice includes a diverse and unique team of attorneys, researchers and investigators who share international experiences in India, China, Iran, Brazil and the Caribbean. We are based in the Detroit area (Ann Arbor), with an affiliate in India, ready to respond to your internal investigation needs immediately.

Straightforward and Thorough: Internal Investigation Matters

As counsel conducting internal investigations within a corporation, we strive to be completely straightforward and thorough in our conduct. The goal is to mitigate the risk of results of an investigation falling into the wrong hands. We are clear from the start regarding the attorney-client relationship and how attorney-client privilege works in internal investigation matters.

We can conduct internal investigations on all types of matters including:

Corporate Miranda Warnings

Internal investigations can become very complicated as individual employees and officers within the company could become wary as to where an attorney's loyalties lie. To be clear, our attorneys are absolutely forthcoming with the proper procedures and boundaries that coincide with becoming counsel for an internal investigation. By giving an "UpJohn" or "Corporate Miranda Warning," we advise each employee that our loyalties are to the company and not to the individual employee. It is key that any information gleaned by conducting an internal investigation is gathered properly and in accordance with professional and ethical standards. Otherwise, this would lead to complicating an already complex matter even further.

Recent cases reflecting this issue include the "Broadcom" and "Stanford" cases discussed in the following article written by Lorandos Joshi attorney Ashish S. Joshi:

Ashish Joshi, Corporate Miranda: Clarifying Lawyers' Loyalty During An Internal Investigation, Business Law Today, September - October 2009

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From its offices in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area and India, Lorandos Joshi can represent clients in matters throughout the United States and around the world.


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