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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Defense of Bribery and Foreign Corrupt Practices Allegations

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) makes it illegal for a company executive, employee or shareholder to engage in the bribery of a foreign official. The International Bribery Act of 1998 strengthened the FCPA by forbidding foreign corporations and nationals to engage in the practice. An alleged violation of these acts can lead to both criminal and civil penalties.

Lorandos Joshi is a law firm with extensive experience in the defense of FCPA, bribery and white collar crime charges. Whenever possible, the firm seeks to avoid the filing of charges entirely through vigorous representation before investigating agencies. But if a charge is filed, the firm's lawyers will defend the client's rights and freedom through all stages of the process.

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A Diverse Law Firm, Unique in Handling International Challenges

The firm's international practice is unique in that its diverse team of attorneys, researchers and investigators has the capability to provide the international exposure, background and experience that is key to defending FCPA and bribery charges. The firm includes team members from all different nations, with the ability to speak different languages, who have lived in India, China, Iran, Brazil and the Caribbean.

International attorney, Ashish S. Joshi, is licensed to practice in India, which has become a major focus in South Asian business contracts and FCPA challenges. His breadth of knowledge, understanding of cultural issues and his continuously keeping up with recent anti-bribery law changes provides clients with a high-quality defense strategy.

In particular, attorney Joshi understands key cross-border investigation issues and how U.K. anti-bribery laws have recently come into the limelight.

Successful International Bribery Defense

Lorandos Joshi will immediately investigate to determine the extent of the problem and identify potentially successful defense strategies.

In a typical situation, an American company might hire a local executive to manage a project in a foreign country. In accordance with local custom, the executive then provides a corporate gift or inducement, or a "facilitation payment", to a customer or government official to achieve a specific aim. The losing competitor then contacts the FBI or the U.S. Attorney's office.

In this situation, Lorandos Joshi may be able to convince the investigators that this type of practice is a cultural norm for that country and not a bribe and therefore permissible under the International Bribery Act.

Other cases can be more complex and expose you or your company to significantly greater criminal or civil liability. Lorandos Joshi can take appropriate measures with the aim of overcoming the problem or limiting your civil exposure.

Act Quickly to Limit Your Risk

As with any criminal allegation, the longer the matter rests with the investigating authorities the greater the possibility of a criminal indictment. Making an honest presentation of the facts and demonstrating to the FBI that the behavior is customary can be a mitigating factor.

Lorandos Joshi understands corporate law, international business practices and cultural differences that can lead to a bribery accusation. The firm's lawyers will use their knowledge and experience in an effort to limit your risk and overcome any potential charges.

Complying With the Law

Lorandos Joshi can also provide consultation services regarding the FCPA and other statutes to facilitate compliance with the law and prevent possible problems.

More information about the legal aspects of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and International Bribery Act can be found on our Foreign Corrupt Practices FAQ page.

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From its offices in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area and India, Lorandos Joshi can represent clients in matters throughout the United States and around the world.


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