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Detroit International Litigation Lawyer

When Legal Matters Extend Beyond State and National Borders

We are a culturally aware and diverse group of attorneys who conduct and defend litigation services across a broad range of legal disciplines.

With offices in the Detroit area (Ann Arbor), we handle matters that span countries and simultaneously involve multiple areas of law or parallel cases in:

  • Criminal law
  • Civil law
  • Commercial law
  • Family law

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Our team of lawyers has handled legal matters that include:

  • Tracking and obtaining the return of a child kidnapped across international borders
  • Resolving conflicts between international companies each of whom is bound by different bodies of law
  • Tenaciously pursuing settlements in matters of cross-border stolen intellectual property and trademark secrets
  • Extraditing key players in a case of a multinational merger and acquisition gone wrong because of misrepresentation and fraud

If the above list seems like the base of a James Bond thriller, you may be right. Our firm is up to the task of protecting our clients' rights. If evidence is spread across several countries, including India, England and the United States, we have the resources and the skill to help.

Tenacious, Knowledgeable and Careful

We are lawyers who all carry advanced degrees, in addition to our law degrees. We bring to the table varied and deep life experiences, all of which contributes to our ability to meticulously, carefully and tenaciously investigate and pursue strong international litigation cases for clients.

Read why we win and discern if we are the right choice for you.

We Fight to Win for Our Clients

We fight with one goal—to win. Our trial lawyer Ashish S. Joshi has an extensive background in international litigation and international trade. He has written extensively on cross-border litigation and its complexities.

In this global economy, the synergy and diversity of our five trial attorneys has been regularly celebrated by victorious clients. See our case results.

Call Today 734-545-2919

Please call or e-mail our firm to discuss a specific legal concern relating to commercial litigation, civil litigation, international litigation or criminal law or criminal defense today. We are fluent in Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Gujarati. Most of all, we are fluent and flexible in the language of protecting your rights.


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