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Detroit Domestic Violence Lawyer

Interstate and International Domestic Violence Trial Lawyers

Domestic violence is often linked to false allegations for reasons that have nothing to do with domestic violence and everything to do with a child custody or property division dispute. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence or spousal abuse, we know what you are going through. Count on us to help you mount a swift, skilled and effective defense.

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At the Detroit-area law office of Lorandos Joshi, our trial lawyers have the experience, track record and skill to overcome seemingly "impossible" odds for clients facing tough legal challenges, including battery accusations. Our trial lawyers want you to know that nothing is impossible with an attorney:

  • Committed to protecting your rights
  • Willing to dig for and find the facts
  • Able to build a strong, sound and strategic defense
  • Effective in cross-examining expert witnesses for the other side and revealing issues of credibility
  • Effective in fighting at trial—and winning

Former Psychologist Fights for Your Rights

Trial lawyer Demosthenes Lorandos, Ph.D., established the firm in 1991. Prior to that he was a clinical psychologist who grew so frustrated at what happened to children and families in the courts that he became a lawyer to put a stop to it—one case at a time.

Getting Not Guilty Verdicts and Case Dismissals

We have won not guilty verdicts and case dismissals for falsely accused clients in cases when alleged victims made themselves up to look abused, had friends take photographs, and then had charges launched against their spouse. These scenarios are played out over and over, across the United States and the world.

We Can Meet Your Need

Dr. Lorandos, our lead attorney, regularly helps lawyers in other states better understand the psychology behind a domestic violence matter, so that they can better serve the law and their client. He is frequently retained by other firms as cross-examiner of the psychologist expert for the other side and has served as a legal consultant and expert witness as well.

Other relevant practice areas include:

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