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Detroit MI Business Evaluation Attorney

Business Evaluation Lawyers Based in Ann Arbor and DC

At the law office of Lorandos Joshi, we handle business evaluations on a local, national and international level. We are based in the Detroit area (Ann Arbor), and handle business evaluation matters for a diverse group of clients.

Our clients may include a divorcing spouse seeking to protect his or her rights to a fair property settlement or a CEO or CFO or VP of a multinational seeking to make sure that an internationally litigated settlement over stolen trade secrets is appropriate in American dollars.

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We have a team of five culturally sensitive, skilled and knowledgeable lawyers to provide you with the guidance that you need to protect your finances and your future.

Why Business Valuations?

Business evaluations are done for many different reasons, including to:

  • Secure fair property division in a divorce
  • Divide a jointly held family business without destroying its integrity during a divorce
  • Find hidden assets relating to criminal, civil or commercial litigation
  • Prepare a fair buy-sell agreement in a partnership dissolutions
  • Obtain an accurate financial picture in a white collar criminal defense case

International Business Valuations

Our law firm also handles international business evaluations for American clients and international clients, whose goals include:

We Have Access to the Resources You Need

Our attorneys have access to forensic accountants, experienced private investigators, economists, researchers and others who can help us provide accurate evaluations for our clients.

Our firm is aware of the way that a particular act performed in the United States may be interpreted differently in a Europe, Asian or Indian corporation. We bring this understanding to the negotiating table and to the courtroom.

Read why we win and discern whether we are the right choice for you.

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Please call or e-mail our firm to discuss a specific legal concern relating to business valuation, commercial litigation, civil litigation, international litigation or criminal law or criminal defense today. We are fluent in Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Gujarati. Most of all, we are fluent and flexible in the language of protecting your rights.


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